.@WACommunity ::: Recapitulating : From, #Bauhaus To #Santiniketan, And Finally #Black_Mountain_College

This Recapitulation critically re-narrates two diverse yet similar ‘regimes of knowledge’ adopted by Santiniketan, and Black Mountain College. It shall reflect partially upon the Bauhaus School to understand these ‘Schools of Thought’ with emphasis upon its Organization and personal dimension. The summary shall also contextualize common as well as divergent philosophies followed by both schools as... Lire la Suite →

.@NYTimes ::: The SHORT Life and LONG Legacy of #Black_Mountain_College @WACommunity… from, Bauhaus…

BOSTON — In school I had issues with structure. I wanted to study everything that involved words and images, which meant literature, art, language, philosophy, psychology and religion, among other subjects. Declaring a major was like self-censorship. The ivory tower felt tight. Street politics, travel and transcendental substances were all in my curriculum. What I... Lire la Suite →

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