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belgian artist filip dujardin is also an architectural photographer by profession and extends his fascination with the artform through his fictional building series – his latest works being shown as part of his solo exhibition at highlight gallery in san francisco. dujardin’s photomontages are a collection of impossible structures created using a digital collaging technique from photographs of real buildings in and around ghent, belgium.

most of his architectural creations are structurally implausible, however, seem perfectly ordinary at first glance, revealing their absurdity only as the viewer notices missing or incongruous details. the opus lays claim to his belgian cultural heritage, referencing surrealists such as rené magritte and raoul servais – carefully weaving the surreal into the rich urban language. 

‘untitled #2’
‘untitled #20’
‘untitled #8’
‘untitled #6’
part of ‘architectures imaginaires’ series
‘untitled #19’
part of ‘architectures imaginaires’ series
‘untitled #28’
‘untitled #9’

lara mikocki I designboomjan 02, 2013


filip dujardin
highlight gallery, san francisco
on from 7th february through til march 29th, 2013

Dujardin began his career as a straight-up architectural photographer but grew tired of working only with all-too-real structures. He went from erasing details like windows on the buildings he shot to constructing maquettes out of his kids’ LEGOs and adding stone or brick surfaces to them digitally, according to a recent profile in ELLE Decor. Dujardin maintains a digital library of building materials and motifs; a single image might fuse together as many as 150 different elements. “Adding shadows, that’s the main trick,” Dujardin told ELLE Decor. “The building becomes real if the shadows are well done.”

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