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With offices in london, paris and milan, international practice matteo cainer architects have produced ‘taittogami’, a proposal for the gösta serlachius museum extension competition for gösta, finland. incorporating gösta serlachius’s interest of wood and paper processing, the exterior is a series of unfolding roof planes resembling origami which frame the nearby lake and island. the interior features kirigami principles of folded and cut shapes creating a series of complex architectural sequences.

creating a harmonious and blurred connection with the landscape, fluid volumes will project from the existing house, introducing visitors through a progression of flexible spaces for exhibitions, conferences, educational facilities and public events. a lakeshore deck will create a transition between land and water for visitors which leads to a sauna within the body of water. the complex will mourish the mind and body, providing intellectual stimulation within a tranquil environment.

Keeping with nordic tradition, the building is formed with timber, integrating the outer walls with the structure into a single component to create illuminated and column-free spaces with unique qualities while still withstanding immense snow loads. bitumen-coated weatherboarding clads the facades, angling and wrapping the inclined surfaces to emphasize their changes. operable glazed fins will alter daylight levels inside during the different seasons.

approach to the museum

matteo cainer architects: serlachius museum gösta extension

aerial view of the museum
floor plan / level 0
conceptual diagram

credits: matteo cainer architects ltd
location: mänttä, finland
use: museum extension
client: gösta serlachius fine arts foundation
total floor area: 4,760 m2lauren grieco I designboomjan 15, 2012

matteo cainer architects: serlachius museum gösta extension
lauren grieco
jan 15, 2012

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