#Bernard_TSCHUMI #architects ::: [1] projects, awards, publications… The intertwining concepts of “#event” and “#movement” in #architecture are supported by #Tschumi’s belief that #architecture is the #most_important _innovation of our time.

Bernard TschumiNew York and Paris Bernard Tschumi is widely recognized as one of today’s foremost architects. First known as a theorist, he drew attention to his innovative architectural practice in 1983 when he won the prestigious competition for the Parc de La Villette, a 125-acre cultural park based on activities as much as nature. The... Lire la Suite →

#Bernard_TSCHUMI #architects ::: #Binhai #Science_Museum #Tianjin, #China. 2013-2019.

January 2019: Construction has been completed on the Binhai Science Museum (formerly The Modern City and Industrial Exploratorium of Tianjin Binhai New Area Culture Center), a 33,000-square-meter (355,200-square-foot) museum structure in Tianjin, China. Designed in 2013-2014, the Binhai Science Museum is set to open in Fall 2019. The institution will showcase artifacts from Tianjin’s industrial... Lire la Suite →

.@designboom ::: Filip Dujardin’s IMPOSSIBLE #Architecture [@Architizer].

belgian artist filip dujardin is also an architectural photographer by profession and extends his fascination with the artform through his fictional building series – his latest works being shown as part of his solo exhibition at highlight gallery in san francisco. dujardin’s photomontages are a collection of impossible structures created using a digital collaging technique from... Lire la Suite →

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