Xia Arkitektura 3D Visualization ::: The DARK UNTOLD STORY of #VILLA_SAVOYE…

#History of #Architecture #Fun_Fact:
The #Villa_Savoye is one of the most important buildings by #architect #Le_Corbusier from the 17 that have been to #UNESCO’s World Heritage List is Villa Savoye, the top-heavy weekend retreat created as a #Modernist_version of the #French_country_house. 

Nowadays, everyone in the Architecture community applauds and look up to the one of most iconic modern building created « Villa Savoye » designed by a Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier.

But the occupants says otherwise…

The villa’s contractor made it clear to Le Corbusier that this design will create future problems. The faulty design made the Savoyes feel that their house is moist and cold and suffered “substantial heat loss due to large glazing. Just after it was completed, the family didn’t feel the comfort and relaxation that this country house should have brought them. They stopped their visits to the house when they experienced roof leaks and poor heating systems.

Madame Savoye even wrote the great architect a letter that says: “It is still raining in our garage”. This came after she had complained earlier about a skylight that was continuously buzzing, Madame Savoye says:” It makes terrible noise…which prevents us from sleeping during bad weather.”

A couple of years afterward, Le Corbusier received another letter from the angry landlady saying: “It is raining in the hall, it’s raining on the ramp and the wall of the garage is absolutely soaked. It is still raining in my bathroom, which floods in bad weather, as the water comes in through the skylight. The gardener’s walls are also wet through.”

‘Time’ wrote in 1935 stating: “Through the great expanses that he favors may occasionally turn his rooms into hothouses, his flat roofs may leak and his plans may be wasteful of space, it was Architect Le Corbusier who in 1923 put the entire philosophy of modern architecture into a single sentence ’A house is a machine to live in.”

Another letter followed. It said:” After innumerable demands, you have finally accepted that the house you built-in 1929 is uninhabitable…Please render it inhabitable immediately. I sincerely hope that I will not have to take recourse to legal action.”

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Xia Arkitektura 3D Visualization
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